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March 2007 Newsletter of the
Front Range UNIX Users Group

Cndnsd Vrsn: 4:00PM Thursday 3/8 — Unicode, Take Five


Unicode, Take Five

The next meeting of the Front Range UNIX Users Group (FRUUG) will be at 4:00 P.M. on Thursday, March 8 at the CU Engineering Center, room ECCR-265. Thanks to Dirk Grunwald and the CU Computer Science Department for co-hosting this meeting. More details are in Meeting Location (below).

The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0, was released November, 2006. This character encoding, promoted as the universal character code, supplanting ASCII as the character representation for many applications, including the Java and C# programming languages, HTML/XML, Microsoft Windows 2000/CE/XP, MAC OS, etc., now has over 15 years of evolution and history. This newest version comes in the wake of new challenges in the areas of mathematical notation, programming languages, and processing algorithms, most notably string comparison.

The concept of a "universal character set" brings into focus complex (but fascinating) problems of human written communication, requiring different approaches to encoding problems from those of the last 40+ years (since the definition of ASCII and EBCDIC). The talk updates previous information, and will cover briefly the history of Unicode, demonstrate more recent changes in approach, outline some of the above problems, and indicate solutions. Research is invited into the remaining problems.

About The Speaker

Dr. Bruce K. Haddon is an Australian who came to the US and graduated with his PhD from CU in 1979, was a member of the CU CS/EE faculty 1980-1982, and an adjoint Associate Professor with EECE 1982-1987. He is President of Paladin Software International, Inc., and a Principal Engineer with Sun Microsystems, Inc. His interests are operating systems, programming languages, large-scale systems architecture, software engineering, and in particular, software internationalization in all of the above areas.

Meeting Location

This meeting will be held the Engineering Center Class Room wing, room ECCR-265. This wing is on the southwest corner of the CU Engineering Center, located at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Regent Drive (see map below). There is metered parking available on the north and the south sides of the building. Parking is free starting at at 5:00. The Engineering Center is also right off the RTD HOP route, and is a walk across campus from the SKIP.

For more details on getting to the Engineering Center, please visit:, and for a detailed map of the building itself, visit:

See <> for map

Our Last Meeting

At our last meeting, Doug Fales discussed how he used Ruby on Rails to create a Web site that integrates GPS data with photos using Google Maps and Flickr. The site presents a travelogue of trips that users post to the site.

Announcements, presentation slides, and writeups for past meetings are available in the FRUUG Meeting Archive.

FRUUG Library Notes

Until we settle into a permanent home, we'll only be bringing our new FRUUG library titles to each meeting. In fact, given the volume of new books, we might not bring them all to this one, so if you want to check one out in particular, feel free to send a message to the user books1006 at Learn how you can review a book and keep it through our FRUUG Library Merit Badge program.

Our publisher friends have some exciting news: Addison Wesley and O'Reilly (and their associated imprints) are now offering a user group discount of 35 percent, see our library discounts page for details.

New books for this meeting include:

  • Fedora Core 6, from SAMS
  • Live Linux CDs, from Prentice Hall
  • Agile Web Development with Rails, from Pragmatic Bookshelf
  • Ruby on Rails books from O'Reilly, To Be Announced
  • The Unicode 5.0 Standard, from Addison Wesley

You may check out books using your business card as your library card; you must be on the membership list to check books out. Books are due at the meeting following the one in which they are checked out.

Remember that your FRUUG membership entitles you to up to 35 percent discounts on your book orders from Addison Wesley/Prentice Hall, IBM Press, O'Reilly Media, New Riders, No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Sams Publishing, SitePoint, and Syngress; refer to the FRUUG Web site library page for details.

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