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Maximizing Bandwidth with Web100 and Net100

At our second April 2002 meeting, Peter O'Neil from NCAR discussed the Web100 and the Net100 initiatives, which are aimed at utilizing up to 100 percent of the available bandwidth on network for TCP/IP sessions. Today, getting significant improvements in TCP/IP throughput requires a detailed knowledge of TCP/IP and wizard-like skills in tuning the protocol parameters. Peter's talk began by taking us through some of the complications of this tuning-- some of the work behind Web100-- and also some alternative TCP/IP implementations aimed at improving throughput. Acknowledging that it takes special skill for anyone to attempt such an undertaking, the Net100 initiative hopes to simplify the the process of optimizing throughput by providing instrumentation into the TCP/IP stack from which automated tools can observe protocol performance and make tuning decisions.

Peter's presentation slides are available here. (pdf 1.5MB). Sorry about the bullet-to-Yen character translation... we'll work on it.

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