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January, 2000: Sun's Jiro Technology

At our January meeting, FRUUG member Mark A. Carlson gave a talk on JiroTM. Based on JavaTM technology, Jiro technology delivers the storage industry's first intelligent development and deployment environment to make storage networks interoperable and manageable. Developed through the Java Community ProcessSM program with input from a group of industry experts, Jiro technology forms an architecture of components and management services specific to the needs of storage networks.

For developers, Jiro technology offers a proven environment for developing management software that can be deployed in diverse, distributed networks, regardless of underlying operating systems or hardware. The component-based nature of Jiro technology enables developers to easily incorporate standard management services into their applications, allowing them to focus the bulk of their development efforts on adding high-value functionality instead of building the basic infrastructure.

For Information Technology (IT) managers and their staffs, Jiro technology helps simplify storage network management and reduce costs. The intelligent connectivity inherent in Jiro technology fosters a greater level of automation throughout the storage network. Tasks that normally require manual intervention, such as monitoring available disk space, can be handled gracefully, reliably, and transparently. Moreover, management applications enabled with Jiro technology can help companies predict and prevent events which may interfere with data availability and productive operations.

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February 15, 2009

February 2008: FRUUG Enters Quiescent Phase
After 27 years running, we're suspending operations.

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