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December, 1999: System Admin "Ask the Experts" Panel

The "Ask the Experts" panel consisted of:

  • Brad Doctor, SysAdmin and Networks Expert
  • Cricket Liu, DNS and Networks Expert
  • Paul Kooros, Perl, Java, JavaScript and Networks Expert
  • Evi Nemeth, SysAdmin and Networks Expert

Barbara Dijker, President of SAGE (The USENIX Association's System Administrator's Guild), announced the formation of a local group to complement FRUUG. She also announced a mailing list supporting Colorado-SAGE, and passed out a sign-up list. Interested parties can check http://www.NeTrack.NET/co-sage/.

The session format was not restricted to any topic threads, and many topics were discussed, from the microcosm of implementation details, to philosophy on big-picture issues. Aproximately 65 people were in attendance.

Some of the more notable topics included:

  • (The obligatory) Y2K issues of note.
    • Download vendor recommended patches.
    • Sun Y2K patches are being frequently augmented.
      => Download and install often
    • Probably the same for other vendors
    • Some vendors are bundling many non-Y2K patches in with the Y2K patch sets, reason unclear.
    • Most "experts" thought Y2K would not be a big deal, although "well, you never know" was heard often.
  • Fragility of the Windows2000 DNS implementation and deployment.
    • Win2k depends entirely on DNS. If DNS hangs, so does it.
    • Win2k DNS should probably exist in its own subdomain.
    • Cricket discussed the coexistance issues.
  • Cricket: 4th edition of O'Reilly DNS book coming soon; this will be the topic of a spring 2000 FRUUG meeting.
  • When will the 3rd Edition of Evi's SysAdmin Handbook be out?
    Evi: Real soon now... working on it furiously.
  • Techniques of remotely managing groups of workstations discussed:
    No one really uses NIS+
  • Nifty-neato tools or things that "experts" recently noted included: rrdtool, vim, MySQL, samba, make -p, and the free StarOffice.
  • Privacy implications of Netscape 4.x's "What's Related" feature. The browser transmits (to Alexa) every URL visited.
  • Many other topics.

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