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April 1999 Newsletter of the

Front Range Unix Users Group

SPECIAL MEETING -- Cndnsd Vrsn: 4:00 Monday April 12 ACS Room 123 - Larry Wall, Probably Perl

We just got word that Larry Wall, the creator of the Perl programming language, is in town-- and he's agreed to speak to FRUUG on the subject of his choosing. Given the short notice for this meeting, we're giving Larry the weekend to decide on a specific topic :-) No doubt he'll have one by Monday, and it will probably be related to the past, present, or future of Perl-- or something completely different. Larry's personal Web page is located at, and Perl information can be found throughout the Web, as well as at:

This meeting will be at 4:00 PM Monday April 12 in room 123 of the CU Academic Computing Center building at Arapahoe and Marine Streets in Boulder. Marine St intersects Arapahoe at 38th St; the Computing Center is on the southwest corner. Please refer to the map that appears later on this page if you need one.

Also check below for information about Bill Joy's talk on Thursday, April 15, and Joe VanAndel's talk on ZOPE coming up April 29.

REGULAR MEETING -- Cndnsd Vrsn: 4:00 Thursday April 29 ACS Room 123 - ZOPE and MySQL


Tools for interfacing Web pages to Databases using free software: ZOPE and MySQL

The April meeting of the Front Range UNIX Users Group will be held at 4:00 P.M. on Thursday April 29.

The Z Object Publishing Environment (ZOPE - is an open source web application platform written mostly in Python (with some extensions written in C for speed). It competes with products like Cold Fusion, Silverstream, and Netscape Application Server. Zope has an integrated object database and can also access several relational databases. ZOPE's object publishing system converts a URL to a method call of a ZOPE object, which provides a very powerful and flexible application architecture. The object database supports "sessions" that allow new content to be developed on the "live" server without being publically visible until it is "released". The object database also supports a powerful "undo" facility which can backout any change, restoring a previous version of the web site. Zope is managed "thru-the-web", without requiring telnet or rlogin access to the server. ZOPE offers customizable security, giving password controlled access to various portions of your ZOPE web site.

Joe will demonstrate some applications built with ZOPE, including a FAQ application and a query interface to a MySQL ( database.

Joe VanAndel has been working as a software engineer for the past 20 years. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he worked at AT&T Bell Labs on Oryx/Pecos, a real-time operating system. Following that, he had his "Boulder Startup Company" experience at Cadnetix Corporation, doing operating system development and developing design automation tools for the electronics industry. For the past 10 years, Joe has worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. He has worked on data acquisition and control systems for weather radars and on data quality improvements for the National Weather Service "NEXRAD" radars.

Joe has been involved in the WWW for a number of years. Starting in 1993, he helped setup the Atmospheric Technology Division Web server at NCAR. In 1994, he helped Centennial Middle School publish the world's first middle school student newspaper on the Web.

For the last few years, he's been using the Python language for data analysis, database interfaces, and web applications.

Meeting Location

The next meeting of the Front Range UNIX Users Group will be in room 123 of the CU Academic Computing Center building at Arapahoe and Marine Streets in Boulder. Marine St intersects Arapahoe at 38th St; the Computing Center is on the southwest corner.

See <> for map


Bill Joy will be speaking at CU on April 15th at 2pm, Math 100 lecture hall, corner of Folsom and Colorado. Forget parking and take the Hop there, with stops right across the street.

We've Moved!

Those of you visiting the FRUUG Web site recently will notice that we've moved to the cozy new location of simply Please update your links to point to our new simplified URL. The FRUUG Web site is now being hosted by Steve Gaede and Lone Eagle Systems Inc.

Our Last Meeting

At our March meeting, SUN Microsystems introduced their JINI technology. Have a visit to our previous meetings page for more info.

FRUUG Library Notes

We have several additions to the FRUUG library this month, including:

  • Removing the Spam, Email Processing and Filtering , by Geoff Mulligan, courtesy of Addison-Wesley
  • The Java Developers Almanac 1999 by Patrick Chan, courtesy of Addison-Wesley
  • Apache, the Definitive Guide by Ben Laurie and Peter Laurie, courtesy of O'Reilly and Associates
  • Programming Web Graphics with Perl & GNU Software by Shawn Wallace, courtesy of O'Reilly and Associates
  • Mr. Bunny's Big Cup o'Java by Carlton Egremont, draft copy courtesy of Addison-Wesley.

You may check books out using your business card as your library card; you must be on the membership list to check books out. Books are due at the meeting following the one in which they are checked out. If you don't return your library books by the next meeting, you might find yourself on our overdue book list. We count on you returning books on time so that other members may have the chance to use them as well.

Remember that your FRUUG membership entitles you to 20% off books from O'Reilly & Associates when ordered through their toll-free number, (800) 998-9938. Mention discount code DSUG.

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