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May, 1998: Legal Issues for Software Engineers

At our May meeting, Carl Oppedahl of the Summit County law firm Oppedahl & Larson discussed many of the legal issues of which software folks should be aware. Carl's talk covered copyright and trade secret issues; trademarks and Internet domain names; as well as some employee vs. contractor issues. If any one point was driven home the most, it was the benefits of spending $20 to federally-register copyrights on your software and Web pages. The benefits include automatic penalties to infringers under Federal law, and the requirement that the infringers pay the copyright holder's legal fees. Much of this information, as well as pointers to the forms that need to be filled out, are on Oppedahl & Larson's Web site

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February 15, 2009

February 2008: FRUUG Enters Quiescent Phase
After 27 years running, we're suspending operations.

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