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October, 1997: CORBA

Dan Berg of Sun Microsystems, covered "CORBA, JavaIDL, NEO, Joe and more..." He started off by noting that programming CORBA was "some of the hardest work I have ever done". Designing and developing for access to distributed objects involves delicate tradeoffs between many requirements. Some of the requirements are reliability, speed of access, speed of information transfer, and graceful response to partial failures.

CORBA is the OMG's Common Object Request Broker Architecture and in its original version 1 form was quite high level without specifics of how an ORB from one vendor might interact with an ORB from another vendor. A more recent version 2 of the Architecture has addressed these issues. NEO is a Sun product which implements an ORB. He has used NEO to implement a nationwide distributed environment for a client. He described that experience.

Joe is an acronym for Java Objects Everywhere. It implements CORBA 2 using an IDL mapping and NEO. JavaIDL 1.1 is a 100% pure Java implementation of the full IIOP (Internet InterObject Protocol) defined in CORBA 2. Emergence of the Java IDL gives users a way to implement remote objects on non-Java systems. Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is a pure Java implementation of remote objects without some of the limitations of the CORBA 2 model.

Dan concluded with a small Java banking example to show how remote objects work. His slides are available in pdf format (2.8MB).

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