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January 1997 Newsletter of the

Front Range Unix Users Group

The Cndnsd Vrsn: 4pm Thursday January 16 ACS Rm 123 - New Features in DNS and BIND


This Month's Meeting: New Features in DNS and BIND

At the January 16th meeting of the Front Range UNIX Users Group Cricket Liu will give a talk on new features in DNS and BIND. The meeting will begin at 4:00 MST. We've noticed that a lot of people seem to leave at 5:30, so we took a quick poll at the last meeting to see if people would like to start earlier. The result was that people would like to keep the meeting time at 4:00 but start on time. Since we usually have the room scheduled at 3:30, those who enjoy the 15 minutes of pre-meeting networking should arrive at 3:45.

The Domain Name System (DNS) and its BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) implementation support the resolution of all common Internet domain names, such as FRUUG.ORG. Cricket Liu co-wrote the O'Reilly & Associates Nutshell Handbook DNS and BIND, and recently completed the second edition. His talk will give a brief overview of the operation of DNS and then focus on the latest releases of BIND, 4.9.4 and 4.9.5. He will also discuss how DNS and BIND are being changed to respond to the explosive growth of the Internet. We expect to have a copy of the latest edition of his book to give away.

Cricket Liu spent nearly ten years with Hewlett-Packard and founded HP's Internet consulting program. His newly-formed company, Acme Byte & Wire, specializes in consulting and training in DNS and Internet security. He is the co-author of DNS and BIND and the principal author of another O'Reilly & Associate Nutshell Handbook, Managing Internet Information Services. A few copies of the 2nd edition of DNS and BIND will be given away at the meeting.

Meeting Location

The next meeting of the Front Range UNIX Users Group will be in room 123 of the CU Academic Computing Center building at Arapahoe and Marine Streets in Boulder. Marine St intersects Arapahoe at 38th St; the Computing Center is on the southwest corner.


Our Last Meeting

At our last meeting Joe VanAndel presented the NT system from a UNIX user's point of view. His slides and references are available. See the previous meetings page on the Fruug web site for more detail.

Steve Gaede has recently put a lot of effort into getting our last meeting information up-to-date, so you may want to check it out if you've been looking for info on our previous meetings.

Upcoming Meetings

We are planning the following future meetings:
  • On Thursday, February 13th Geoff Thompson will present The Java AWT and Event Model.

  • We are still looking for someone to do a presentation on the Be-Box.

Contact the FRUUG Executive Committee at fruug at if you have other interesting topic ideas or are interested in presenting a fruug talk.

FRUUG Library Notes

This month's contributions from the USENIX association are:

  • Proceedings of the Second USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce, Oakland, November 18-21 1996.
  • Proceedins of the Second Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), Seattle, October 28-31, 1996

From Addison-Wesley this month is Doug Lea's Concurrent Programming in Java, Design Principles and Patterns.

O'Reilly & Associates has donated a few copies of the 2nd edition of Cricket Liu's DNS and BIND to be given away at the January meeting.

You may check books out using your business card as your library card; you must be on the membership list to check books out. Books are due at the meeting following the one in which they are checked out. If you don't return your library books by the next meeting, you might find yourself on our overdue book list. We count on you returning books on time so that other members may have the chance to use them as well.

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