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November, 1996: Network Computing and the Sun JavaStation

At the November meeting of the Front Range UNIX Users Group, Bill Meine (Systems Engineer at Sun Microsystems and FRUUG executive committee member) gave a talk on Network Computers in general and gave a demonstration of Sun's new JavaStation. Because Bill is an SE (and generally good natured) special "Buzzword Bingo" cards were passed out beforehand (unbeknownst to Bill). To Bill's credit, his presentation was almost finished when the first Bingo was announced.

The JavaStation is a very capable desktop computer exposing a Java Virtual Machine to host Java applications. While similar to a browser running on a personal computer, the JavaStation has no software installed, gets what it needs from servers on the network, and may be replaced at will with no software reload or configuration. The cost of maintenance and administration of this kind of device can be ten times lower than that of PCs. Bill's slides are available online; the only trick to reading them is that you must click on the Sun logo to go to the next slide.

Buzzword Bingo Card

If you really love the idea of playing buzzword bingo at your next meeting you can get your own full-color PostScript version (78K).

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