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October, 1996: Cheap UNIX

Four speakers discussed their personal experience with getting a Cheap/Free UNIX running a on low cost PC platform. The operating systems that were discussed are Linux, FreeBSD, SCO and Solaris x86.

Each speaker gave a short presentation on Installation, Drivers, Stability, Compatibility, Cost/Licensing, and Web client/server software. Following that we had a lively round-table discussion. The speakers and their notes (where available) were:

    Karl Hudnut (Logicdata)
    SCO has the largest installed base of commercial UNIX system, but installation and configuration is not the most intuitive.
  • FreeBSD
    Warner Losh (Member of Technical Staff at Ignite Technologies, LLC)
    FreeBSD is one of the more popular UNIX versions. There is a large community of developers that support it on the net.
  • Linux
    Ken Mitton (independent consultant and Boulder High School student)
    Linux is widely supported with numerous repackaged versions available. Driver support is very good even given the necessity of reverse engineering board designs due to the vendors not wanting to release technical details.
  • Solaris X86
    Leonard Sitongia (UCAR)
    The nice thing about Solaris X86 is that you can have the same operating system at home as you have at work and the two work seemlessly. Be careful to equip your home PC with only those devices that have drivers however, since support for a broad range of hardware is lacking. Leonard's talk is available in PostScript (60K) format.

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February 15, 2009

February 2008: FRUUG Enters Quiescent Phase
After 27 years running, we're suspending operations.

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