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October, 1995: Policy-Based Storage Management

At our October 24th meeting, Dave Skinner of Fujitsu talked about Policy Based Storage Management:

In most contemporary computing environments, the philosophy and models of storage management tend to be heavily influenced by storage management tools. For example, on-line data may be organized using a file manager, backed-up using a backup/restore utility (BRU), migrated to less expensive storage using a hierarchical storage management system (HSM), or perhaps exported to off-line storage using an archive program. Storage is viewed from the perspective of these tools, and the supporting policies and processes usually reflect this bias.

However, recent trends suggest that these traditional storage management tools and perspectives may no longer work. These trends include escalating storage costs, periodic doubling of capacities, proliferation and integra- tion of computing in work as well as home environments, the increased mobility and geographic distribution of organizations and their computing environments, and the popularity of data sharing and work group computing. Storage is rapidly becoming unmanageable, and in a couple of years, may approach the point where further growth is limited.

One solution currently under investigation is to change the focus of storage management from tools to policies (i.e., behaviors or desired outcomes). Instead of managing storage and data by employing specific tools and techniques, the user specifies the desired outcome in the form of policies and a set of policy management components operates the tools to realize those objectives. By realizing policies as objects, behavior such as inheritance can be utilized which can simplify the management of storage in a complex distributed system.

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